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Dragon Ball Legends is the newest DBZ game to be released on mobile devices (Android and iOS). The game is incredibly high rated, which is a testament to how fun and addicting it is to play. You get to fight 1 on 1 with players across the globe with your favorite Dragon Ball Z universe fighters.  The game came out recently, and is rapidly growing. If you use a Dragon Ball Legends hack you will have even more of an advantage over other fighters!



The story in Dragon Ball Legends is way better than the story in Dokkan Battle. In fact, the only thing that can be said the game is lacking is unique teams – but that’s simply because the game is new. More powerful characters will be added overtime. At the moment, there are some repeats in the teams you see, but it won’t be long before every team is unique due to the addition of more characters from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, and even Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

The graphics on Dragon Ball Legends are excellent, and the gameplay is smooth. The current roster of DB characters is awesome. If you want to know more about the Dragon Ball Legend Chrono Crystal Hack, keep reading.

Dragon Ball Legends Chrono Crystals

In Dragon Ball Legends, the more Chrono Crystals you have, the stronger you are.

Chrono Crystals in Dragon Ball Legends enable you to summon characters, and are how you get better banners. Not to mention it gets harder and harder to get chrono crystals as the game progresses – free players will experience this quickly if they aren’t already.

Dragon Ball Legends Chrono Crystals How To Get Chrono Crystals Free

This is why you get a lot of players asking about how to get chrono crystals on Dragon Ball Legends for free. They need a way to keep up, that doesn’t involve paying to win. Unfortunately, this can become a major issue for a lot of Dragon Ball Z mobile games. But we have a decent solution.

How To Get Chrono Crystals?

If you’re looking for chrono crystals for Dragon Ball Legends, then the best way to get them is to pay for them through the Android or iOS app directly. However, costs quickly add up, as the more you get crystals, the more you need as you desire for more banners and characters increases. That is the trap that Dragon Ball Legends has set up for unsuspecting players.

It quickly becomes more and more expensive to keep up with the demand of DB Legends, which is why people start seeking out cheats for the game. Maybe they won’t take too much advantage of them, they just want a little nudge to help keep them at pace with other people that are spending massive amount of money on the game. With enough chrono crystals, you can have unlimited energy.

This is something that we find extremely reasonable.

If you want to save up your money it is highly recommended you look for DB Legends Chrono Crystals Cheats.

Chrono Crystals – The Main Currency:

Chrono Crystals are the main currency in DB Legends are used to summon your characters, as well as restore energy for attacks. There are often sales available, but you still have to pay a lot of crystals. Sometimes you can get a pack (such as the special starter pack) which will also come with a rare card number for DB Legends, but overall the costs are way too high as you continue to buy.

How To Earn Chrono Crystals?

Here’s a list of some ways to earn Chrono Crystals:

  • Check on YouTube, and subscribe to people playing Dragon Ball Legends that are participating in Chrono Crystal Giveaways.
  • Wait for sales on Crystal Packages, then invest.
  • Check out the Reddit and other Forums to see who might be having some sort of free giveaway on Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Simply use the Dragon Ball Legends Chrono Crystal Hack 2018 !


Before we conclude, we just want to shout out the Dragon Ball Z community for showing awesome support for the anime. Games like Legends and even Dokkan Battle only exist because the anime has the fanbase to support spinoff games. As long as we keep supporting each other, we’ll be able to keep these games going strong.

That said, we ask that if you choose to use our tool for Dragon Ball Legends, do not abuse it. It’s meant to help people struggling, that’s all.


To conclude, Dragon Ball Legends is going to be the hottest DBZ mobile game in just a few months. It’s way too fun and enjoyable, and has gameplay that can go on for months. It’s best to get in the game now and start learning all you can about it so you’re ready for when the stronger opponents start showing up. Visit the App store and get started, or, if you want, you can combine your gameplay with our dragon ball legends chrono crystals hack in order to have even more fun!

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